Our Schools

The HoneyBees Pre-School

Formerly known as The Honeybees Public School. It was established in 2009 by a father of a 2- year-old child in search of a good school. This was none other than Niranjan Sheelavant, the promoter of the to be established Infinity School. Niranjan believed in comprehensive, life-based education rather than an education that only prepared children for examinations. He firmly believed in the ‘wisdom is greater than knowledge’ approach.  The passion for providing holistic, pupil centric education of Niranjan and his team has carried the Honey Bees Schools through last 9 years. It has transformed from a single classroom of 6 students to a reputed school of +300 students.

This school specializes in pre-primary care and is considered as one of the most preferred early childhood learning centers by parents having a modern outlook. The HoneyBees has tie ups with top of the line providers of curricular and extracurricular services. It aims to setup 10 Honeybees Public School in Bidar Town in the next 5 years through the franchising model

Values – Accountability, Transparency, Empathy, fostering a Non-discriminatory Environment, Emphasis on creativity, innovation & improvisation and Fostering teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support are the defining values of the Honey Bees School.

Curriculum and Methodology – HoneyBees School follows the Kindergarten methodology for the Pre-Primary sections- Play Group, Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG. Emphasis during these tender 4 years is on Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional skills while preparing for formal education.

The Infinity School

While the HoneyBees Pre School initiates a child into formal schooling at the tender age of 2-3 years, the Infinity School enables the child to continue to explore infinite possibilities open to them through the joyful learning process right up to the 10th class.

The philosophy of The Infinity School is “Every child is naturally curious. Strengthening and unearthing this profound curiosity and questioning spirit and exploring it with the child is the most essential way of learning.”

Following the CBSE curriculum The Infinity School promotes the all round development of the child